Tom and Una McMillan feature in APF!

Tom and Una McMillan were recently featured in the APF periodical, Pulmonary Fibrosis News. The article highlighted the couple’s work with Pulmonary Fibrosis NI, a charity that raises awareness of the lung condition and provides support for those affected by it. The McMillans have been involved with the charity since its inception , and their work was instrumental in getting Pulmonary Fibrosis recognised as a serious health condition in Northern Ireland. In the article, Tom and Una spoke about the importance of Pulmonary Fibrosis awareness and the need for more research into the condition. They also shared their story of how Pulmonary Fibrosis has impacted their lives, and how they are working to help others who are affected by this debilitating condition. Tom and Una’s story is an inspirational one, and their dedication to Pulmonary Fibrosis awareness is commendable. We hope that their story will help to raise much-needed awareness of this condition and encourage more people to get involved in Pulmonary Fibrosis research.

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