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  • Option 1 - One Off Donation

    You can make a simple one off donation via our Enthuse page. We accept card and Paypal. One Off Donation>

  • Option 2 - Monthly Donation

    You can make a regular monthly donation via our Enthuse page. Monthly Donation >

  • Option 3 - Accomodation Donation

    We have purchased our first respite facility and named it Puffin Lodge. Now that we have made the purchase it will require your donations and funding for the years ahead. This is a respite for sufferers of pulmonary fibrosis and their families. Donate to Accommodation Fund >


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Pledge 1: Patients

With your help we will be able to provide and maintain our respite care and make it available when possible to sufferers of pulmonary fibrosis, and to their carers. We will also be able to maintain our services, including meetings, literature and if possible practical assistance. Additionally with your help we hope to be in a position to fund research into finding a cure for pulmonary fibrosis.

Pledge 2: Help

Thank you for considering donating to our pulmonary fibrosis fund. We can ensure you that every penny donated will help sufferers of pulmonary fibrosis, their carers and families from all over Northern Ireland.

Pledge 3: Trust

We will carefully evaluate each need to ensure that all patients in Northern Ireland our served to the best of our ability.

Whatever Works for YouWe accept both PayPal and Credit Card.

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