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Caring for someone with a lung condition can bring many rewards, and challenges too.  In this section, we give practical help for people caring for someone with a lung condition - from supporting the person you care for, to looking after yourself. We also provide tips and stories from other carers.

Sometimes, people who are not carers can find the challenges of a being a carer difficult to understand. Getting together and sharing experiences with other carers who understand what you are going through can create a sense of community and help you to feel understood and supported.

On our zoom meetings, the family and friends of people with pulmonary fibrosis can share their feelings, needs, and concerns about caring for their loved one. Carer support groups can provide advice and help you with the mental and practical challenges of providing care to a loved one.

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Respite Access

Our charity organization provides assistance within getting access to respite care. Find out more about our dedicated Puffin Lodge Respite facility.

Equipment Access

We help provide specialised equipment for carers or people with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Social Support

It is extremely important that you feel supported in your work with your loved one. Join our Zoom group on Thursdays!


Having access to new information on medications, caring techniques and rehabilitation exercises is all part of what we do.

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You may be offered ambulatory oxygen if after an assessment it is found that your oxygen levels drop while you are performing activities. Activities such as walking, going up the stairs, and doing some routine activities can be improved by using ambulatory oxygen. Your doctor or healthcare practitioner can perform a simple walking test to see whether ambulatory oxygen might help you.

Ambulatory oxygen is provided in the form of cylinders for walking outside the home. It is up to you whether you use ambulatory oxygen; some people prefer to slow down and stop and start in preference to wearing and carrying oxygen cylinders. It is however, important to remain mobile and active. Your muscles still need to be exercised otherwise they will lose strength and your exercise capacity will drop significantly if you do not continue moving around. We know that it is unpleasant to get breathless, but you should not avoid doing things because you get breathless.

It is important to remember that everyone who exercises to their maximum get breathless. Even elite athletes get breathless! If you find that you are avoiding doing things because you are getting breathless then maybe oxygen might help you. Sometimes ambulatory oxygen is needed to help perform activities of daily living such as washing and dressing and moving from room to room. For ambulatory oxygen inside the home, you would use your oxygen concentrator. Sometimes your doctor might suggest that you need oxygen for a minimum of 16 hours a day. Oxygen in this instance is being recommended to help maintain the health and function of your organs including your heart.

It is not being recommended to relieve breathlessness and it is important that you use oxygen in this instance. You may have 2 different prescriptions of oxygen; one for resting, sitting and sleeping and one for ambulating or moving around. There are a variety of oxygen delivery devices including nasal cannula and masks, all of which need to be assessed on you and you may have different oxygen prescriptions for each device. Always check with your local healthcare team if you are unsure of how you should use your oxygen.

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